Découvrir Honfleur

What if you want to visit Honfleur?

Come and spend a weekend in Honfleur, an idyllic postcard of the Normandy coast! A stay in Honfleur will allow you to admire its narrow houses and covered with slates, its port and the tinkling of the masts of boats, its art galleries, the unique atmosphere of a wooden sailors’ church and its incomparable light that inspired so many painters and lovers. What if you want to visit Honfleur?

Découvrir Honfleur et ses ruelles
© Calvados tourisme : Honfleur et ses ruelles

A weekend in Honfleur

If you plan to come to Honfleur this weekend, prepare to make your weekend a cultural and historical holiday. If you lack inspiration to make your stay in Honfleur on your own, you can consult the different offers offered by the Honfleur Tourist Office: romantic getaway, artistic, cultural and historical stay.

A city with undeniable charm: Honfleur

Honfleur was once, a long time ago now, a large seaport, serving goods as far as the other side of the Channel, in England and sometimes for America. Today, Honfleur has become a city of undeniable charm with its fishing port where many sailboats are moored. It is the only town in Normandy that did not suffer any damage during the Second World War.

Vue sur le pont de Normandie
© Calvados tourisme : Honfleur et le pont de Normandie

World-famous destination: Honfleur

World-famous destination, Honfleur and its natural and authentic territory welcome you to make your holiday a unique moment. Whether you are rather hiking and discovering nature or passionate about culture and architecture, Honfleur will seduce you.

Must-see sites in Honfleur

Sainte-Catherine Honfleur’s Church

This large wooden church dating from the 15th century, with traditional architecture, its magnificent structure in the shape of an inverted boat hull and its very beautiful tower make this site one of the most admirable in France. Walk around the pretty harbour to see the church from different angles.

The old basin of Honfleur

This is certainly what you will see first when you arrive in Honfleur. Its old pool, its sailboats, its colorful buildings with all these restaurants. The lieutenance and the entrance to the old town…

Our Lady of Grace

A little away from the city, on the heights. The Notre Dame de Grâce chapel is located on the hill called the Plateau de Grâce and offers a breathtaking view of the Seine estuary, Le Havre, Honfleur and the Pont de Normandie bridge. A beautiful walk from the city center, with a quiet return if you come in the middle of the season.

Panorama of Mont Joli

Another nice ride to do. A very short but relatively steep climb, rewarded with a magnificent view of the city, the river and the bridge of Normandy.

The Lieutenancy of Honfleur

The emblematic monument of the city of honfleur. The gateway to the old town and the marina of the old basin. It is also a particularly relevant historic site, especially for Canadians. This building kept the entrance to the port for several centuries, but especially in 1603, when Samuel de Champlain made his first historic voyage to Canada. Samuel de Champlain made ten trips from this small boat basin, bringing with him French settlers who formed the foundation of Canada, including Quebec “Tu te souviens”.

The museums of Honfleur

You can buy a museum pass and visit an assortment of museums. Between the Eugène Boudin museum and the Satie house, you will be spoilt for choice. The Ethnography Museum, the Old Honfleur Museum, the Navy Museum… The Samuel de Champlain Memorial, see the Salt Attic which is not a museum per se. Not forgetting the church of Saint Leonard (which is also not a museum) which is located at the end of the old pool, going to the media library.

The Art Galleries of Honfleur

A privilege for the eyes, the Art Galleries of Honfleur. There is something for all tastes, all budgets. Is it not said that beauty makes life beautiful? Paintings, sculptures, works of art, bronzes… You will not have enough of a day to go through them all, visit them, feel them.

Revelry in the city of Honfleur

Honfleur is a city that can be visited on foot. It is so small in size but so large in its many activities and opportunities. From the Vieux Bassin you can walk to the Butin Lighthouse, at the end of the pier with a magnificent view of the Bay of Seine, the Normandy Bridge and Le Havre in front. Allow 2 hours for round trip.

The shops of Honfleur are very numerous. An invitation to travel just with the eyes. You will discover all the dishes of the region: Norman shapes, butter, cold meats, sweet treats… And if you want to rediscover what a real florist-decorator, I would only recommend you to stroll along the Marcel Cachin street.

Discover a real florist in Honfleur

Two steps from the old pool, you will discover thousands of fresh flowers that will make your head spin. Shimmering colors, intoxicating scents, rare roses… Welcome to the world of Acanthe, the florist of Honfleur!

Restaurants in Honfleur

You’ll be spoilt for choice, there are so many.

Accommodation in Honfleur

There are also many hotels and guest rooms. For all tastes and budgets. Perhaps it is interesting to go out of Honfleur to find accommodation a little cheaper? The beach campsite in Blonville-sur-mer is very well located: 5 minutes from Deauville (which you can also visit), 7 minutes from Trouville-sur-mer, 15-20 minutes from Honfleur if you go by the coastal road.

If you are looking in the city center of Honfleur, with complete freedom, a single address: La Petite Folie in Honfleur, charming apartments 2 steps from the Old Basin and the alleys of Honfleur. Apartments with kitchenette, possibility of wellness treatments, etc.

You want to live an exceptional moment, you dive a little into the history of French cinema and see where lived one of our famous actors Michel Serrault? Le Clos de Grâce awaits you in its absolutely exceptional setting. Luxury guest rooms on the heights of Honfleur.


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