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In 1825, Mozin discovered a fishing village,

Between sea and countryside , whose authenticity attracts painters and artists in love with nature.

He does not yet know that Trouville will turn into a seaside resort and compete with Deauville its neighbor. The fashion of the sea baths is launched.

One of the most beautiful beaches in France

In the nineteenth century, in the newspapers -and you know the journalists who always tend to exaggerate their remarks, we talked about this beach as one of the most beautiful in France with a soft and fine sand. It is also the appearance of the first bath cabins. Then the waterfront will be covered with villas and hotels. The boards of a length of nearly 1km will be installed in 1867 and then become the favorite place of walk of the beautiful Parisian society. This beach of Trouville is one of the only on the Côte fleurie to be lined with sumptuous villas. To discover at the end of the day with beautiful sunsets.

Beautiful villas are being built on the seafront.

You can discover some beautiful examples by walking along the Planches, from the casino. The Savignac promenade ends with the Esmeralda villa, the Persian villa and the Malakoff tower. Climbing a few steps, we discover the Roches Noires, a prestigious palace that has since been transformed into a residence.

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