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Deauville international station

Located in the heart of Normandy, between sea and countryside, 2 hours from Paris by the A13 motorway, Deauville, world-renowned seaside resort, does not receive you but welcomes you and invites you to stay there for your greatest pleasure.

The secret to success

Découvrir Deauville

In Deauville, you can walk on the famous «Planches» by the sea, listen to seagulls in the early morning, discover the resort architecture, now protected, in a resort where everything is accessible on foot or by bike, watch the spectacle of sailing races, hear the sound of the horse’s hoof on the macadam, play on the golf courses, watch the lights of the casino twinkle, watch the fascinating spectacle of a horse race or that of the yearling sale; but also stroll through the lively alleys of the markets of Pays d’Auge, visit the cellar of a producer of Calvados, taste the products of an excellent terroir or simply attend a cultural meeting. Deauville offers a quality of life, both in terms of its environment and its sporting and cultural offer.

Every morning on the beaches of Deauville,

Horses enjoy the benefits of seawater and relax after training, running or competing. A thalasso highly beneficial for their well-being. An unforgettable sight to see while staying away, in the early morning or at sunset in the evening.

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