le Marais de Blonville-sur-mer

A great idea for a weekend in Deauville

Specially designed for a family getaway, this ride by bike, rosalie or even on foot in the swamp can take place, if you wish as a rally or a simple walk. But you can also schedule this ride with friends in the form of a “slightly more sporting rally”…

The Blonville-Villers Marsh Natural Park

Far from the beach and the noise, a preserved natural space with its fauna and flora that will enchant young and old. Ducks and swans come to visit the walkers, to the delight of the children. The sunset is always admirable on the peaceful and silvery waters of the lake!

le marais de blonville-villers
Le Marais de Blonville-sur-mer / Villers-sur-mer

Protected natural site

You want to take a breath of fresh air coming to Normandy, stop, and walk around this marsh of Villers-sur-mer/ Blonville-sur-mer, on foot, by bicycle or rosalie. You can do it all year round, between sea (less than 100 meters) and countryside. A bike rental or rosalie is not very far away. You follow a route and you discover places of the marsh remarkable for their fauna, their flora or even their history.

le Marais de Blonville-sur-mer
© Normandie Tourisme : Le Marais de Blonville-sur-mer et la Côte Fleurie

The only natural green area of the Côte Fleurie

The Blonville-Villers marsh is the only natural green area on the Côte Fleurie. This complex of 110 hectares of wet meadows, canals and ditches is of great ecological wealth. Despite its proximity to the sea, it is a freshwater swamp fed by streams that come from the surrounding hillsides.

Do you want to spend a weekend or a holiday on the Cote Fleurie? The Blonville-sur-mer beach campsite could be the ideal place to stay. From April to the end of October, Mobil-Home and motorhome reception areas are at your disposal.

Le camping de la plage de Blonville-sur-mer


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